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人格魅力 [名] personal charisma; [例句]这些事情证明了他非凡的人格魅力。 They testify to the extraordinary potency of his personality

你好! 人格魅力 Personality charm

The most beautiful people are those with charming personality

strong personality

建立有魅力,更完善的人格。 用英语表达 翻译如下: Establish a charismatic, more perfect personality. 重点词汇释义: 建立:establish; build; set up; found 有魅力:charming 完善:perfect; consummate; improve and perfect 人格:pers...

fascination of personality personal fascination

In today's society, the basic point of life is to have the personality charm. What is the charm of personality? We must first understand what is personality. Personality is the sum of the person's personality, temperament, abil...

一个有人格魅力的英语教师一定是 1. 一个常常微笑的人 2. 一个工作认真的人 3. 一个专业素养高的人 4. 一个能与学生成为朋友的人 5. 一个从不发脾气的人 6. 一个活泼开朗的人 7. 一个衣着时尚符合学生审美情趣的人

What make me Like them, is just because of the unique personality, strong personality and the amazing spiritual performance of the six members, which deeply impressed me. Sincerely hope that they will start their career as soon...

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