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It's appealing or attractive; It's a lure to me; Thank you! Your kind offer really allures me. 我也不知道地不地道,这只是我自己尝试的翻译,只要语法没错,能让人家听懂就Ok的!

charming KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 令人高兴的;迷人的;有魅力的 a charming dress 娇美的服装 a charming young lady 迷人的年轻女士 英译汉建议使用百度词典,汉译英建议使用yahoo助手

有强烈吸引力 Have a strong appeal 英 [əˈpi:l] 美 [əˈpil] n. 上诉; [体育]诉请; 呼吁; (迫切的)要求(帮助、同情等)恳求; vi. (迫切)要求; 有吸引力; 求助(于); 提请注意; vt. 将…移交上级法院审理;

吸引力 英文:attraction; appeal; attractive force; charm; affinity 例句及用法: 1、The main attraction was the bustling market. 最富吸引力的是热闹的市常 2、He is the least appealing character, to me at any rate. 他是其中最没有...

有吸引力 用英语表达 翻译如下: attractive

有吸引力的东西 appeal to Something

it is really fansinating~

charm; n. 1. 魅力[C][U] 2. 妩媚[P] 3. 符咒,咒语;护身符[C] 4. 链条(或镯子)上的小饰物[C] vt. 1. 使陶醉;使高兴;吸引[(+into)] 2. 对...施魔法;用魔法保护(或控制)[O] vi. 1. 施魔法 2. 有魔力,令人陶醉 allure; vt. 1. 引诱,诱惑;(强烈地)吸...

You can gain attraction by being an asshole just because it means you’re not a wimp – women are now so desperate for attractive,confident men that they will fall for jerks solely because jerks are not weak – but it’s far from t...

amazing; fascinating; glorious; fantastic;fabulous;

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