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effort n. 努力,努力的成果 effect n. 结果,影响,效果 v. 招致,引起,完成 influence v. 影响,感化 n. 影响力,感化力,势力,权势 affect v. 影响,作用,感动

In my view,health always attach great importance to us.It's because that health can affect our work.If we are always sick,we won't have energy to do anything.And therefore,we should form some good habits to keep healthy. Take a...

effect 结果,影响,效果 名词 The two systems are, in effect, identical. effort 努力,努力的成果 名词 例句为: Put more effort into your work. offect 不会是打错了? 应该是affect? 如果是,那就是 影响,作用 是动词 例句为: The climate a...

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